June 11, 2011
le dernier jour (the last day)

Bonjour tout le monde! I’m sorry for the delay in posts..but I’ve been out enjoying this city every last evening I’ve had and come home far to exhausted to write! But I’m ready to update now. I do believe this will be my second to last entry. Crazy! I debated about doing an entry when I’m back in the states, but no. I think it’s better to have my last entry in Paris. I’m actually going to miss writing this! It’s been very therapeutic and reflective. 

Thursday was the dreaded art history final! I was “studying” that whole morning and afternoon. Not really..I was finding my concentration level to be around -2.56. Plus, Gersende was home with me, so I wanted to just be hanging out with her! But, I got my studying done and feel like I did well on my test. And the best part..it’s done! And now I am a senior in college. Holy cow! When did that happen!? I pretty sure I was a senior in high school yesterday so that can’t be right. After my test, I treated myself to some window shopping by my school and my last almond cake. Mmmmm I’m going to miss those! Although, I don’t think my thighs will….

I came home to have dinner with Gersende, but as I walked in, she was walking out. She had told herself she wouldn’t go over to Alex’s, but alas, she gave in! She promised me the next two nights (my two last nights) she would come home straight from work and I was all hers. I understand..it’s the new, exciting, “lovey” part of the relationship where you just can’t bear to be apart! I have to appreciate that phase when you’re in it. She half made my dinner and I had to finish doing the rest. And I could tell I hadn’t really been in a kitchen for a few months. The box of rice was staring me in the face and all I kept thinking was “I used to know how to make rice….”. Needless to say my meal didn’t turn out as great as Gersende’s, but it was still good! I need to get back in a kitchen before I lose all of my knowledge! It’s a good thing I bought that cookbook.

After dinner, I headed to the Bastille to meet up with my friends. It was the last night we were all in Paris together, we were done with classes, so we needed to celebrate! And it was such a fun night! We danced, drank, laughed, and sang until the early morning hours. The highlights include a Grease medley, the macarana, and the Spice Girls. Epic!! 

I eventually made my way home with a couple friends in tow and we crashed at my house. That’s the very nice thing about going out around the Bastille, it’s only a 10 minute walk back to my house! It was a great last night out with everyone!! I have some pictures of the highlights…

My danes! I’m going to miss them!!!




Such a good night! 

Friday, I enjoyed my first full day of summer vacation! For the majority of the day, I ran around town with my friend Hannah, doing last minute errands with her because she was flying out the next day. Tear. We started up in Montmartre where she bought a beautiful oil painting. We then hit up the awesome boutiques there where I bought two pairs of shoes that I have had my eyes on! Hannah also bought a shirt. Then we found this beautiful jewelry store and were sucked in! Hannah had been looking for a nice gold ring this whole time, but just never found anything she liked. Well she found one here! And then I found a really pretty and simple gold band. I bought it for myself to wear paired with my pearl ring that I got from parents on my 16th birthday. They are my two special rings. And I figure someday, when I have a daughter(s) of my own, I can give the rings to her and explain to her how special they are. It will be a constant reminder of my time in Paris and how special this time in my life was. I’m so happy I got it. 

Then we headed down to the St. Germain-des-Pres area and stopped by Laudree, which has the BEST macarons in all of Paris! Hannah bought some to bring back to her family and I’m thinking about doing the same thing. I’m going to miss macarons! The states don’t know what they are missing out on! Then we took a nice little walk along the Seine to the marais district where we got lunch. It’s this little hole in the wall, but it is considered the best falafel in Paris and lived up to it’s name, and I never really liked falafel before! But this was so delicious!! After our bellies were full, we headed over to Les Halles for a little indoor shopping because it had started to rain. Once the rain cleared up, we headed over to E. Dillerin, the kitchenware store that Julia Childs bought all of her cookware at. It was like a huge warehouse of all things needed in a professional kitchen! It was crazy. They had a specific knife for cutting mushrooms! Who knew!?

By this time, we had been on our feet for quite a while, so we headed back to Hannah’s house for a little relaxation. Eventually I made my way back home where I had dinner with Gersende. It was a nice dinner, just the two of us. I will miss her greatly. But thankfully we have email, facebook, and all of that, so she’ll never seem too far away. And I told her that Alex and her need to take a trip to Chicago! Bring them on my turf!!

After Gersende had gone to bed, I headed out to meet up with Hannah and Brittany. It was a chilly evening, so we spent it at a cafe, very French of us! We had a great street view and could just enjoy the sights and sounds of the city. It was a nice and relaxing night. But I was exhausted and called it a night pretty early. My bed was calling my name!

And now it is Saturday morning, and my last full day in this beautiful city! My agenda today includes packing, tour of the opera, visiting la defense, dinner with Gersende and Alex, and then going out for drinks with them after. I’m very excited for my evening with them! I wouldn’t want to wrap up my time in Paris any other way.  

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