June 7, 2011
occupé (busy)

I am fulfilling my wish of keeping myself very busy this last week and cramming in as much as possible! My friend Armando is helping with that by getting me up at the crack of dawn for walking tours! But it’s what I need! I can sleep in later! 

This morning, we did a walking tour in the nicest residential area of Paris. It’s famous for its art nouveau style houses built in the early 1900’s. It was an area of Paris that I hadn’t been in and was excited to see. Coming from Barcelona, the architecture wasn’t as impressive, but it was still beautiful in its own right. It was a drizzly, overcast morning, but that added to the effect. The walk also passed by Radio France, which obviously houses the broad casting studios of Paris, but is also the home of the emergency bunker for the President if France were to be hit with a nuclear bomb someday. Interesting! 

After the tour, we had some time until our last museum visit in the afternoon, so we did what anyone who is in Paris would do and headed towards the Eiffel Tower! Our plan was to work on our project that we have to present tomorrow, but we got distracted by the creperies, men selling little Eiffel Tower trinkets, and this thing called the Eiffel Tower. We ended up walking around and just enjoying the afternoon. Who needs to work on presentations anyway!? We eventually made our way over to the Rodin Museum, where we were having our last museum visit of our trip. 

I actually enjoyed sculpture much more than I anticipated. I don’t know why I thought I wouldn’t in the first place! The Rodin Museum was pretty impressive for one because it shows you just how much Rodin did during his career. It is just filled with his creations, one after another. It’s hard to not be impressed! What I also found I like about sculpture is being able to “interact” with it, as my art history professor would say. You can walk around it, look at it from all different angles, whereas a painting you just look at it and move on. I might be a newly converted sculpture fan! 

Which is a good thing considering that is the topic of Armando and I’s presentation tomorrow—sculpture in the 19th century. After our museum visit, we headed back to my place to figure out our presentation and inhale a huge bag of gummy worms..only college kids! 

Eventually, Armando headed home for dinner and I had the apartment to myself for the rest of the evening. I made some dinner, finalized our presentation, and studied some for my last final on Thursday! The end of this school year is so close, but that also means Paris is very close to being over. Yikes!! But I am very much looking forward to tomorrow! My alarm is already set for 8 am even though I have no where to be until 2 pm! I wish I could be this motivated all the time! My to do list includes a morning run (I’ve been slacking these past couple days), some studying, a walking tour, possibly making some dishes for dinner later that day. Then we have to give our presentation at 2. Afterwards, our professor/director of the program has invited all 19 of us over to his place for wine and appetizer’s early in the evening and then I am having a small group of my closer friends here for a dinner party! There will by 7 of us, plus Gersende and Alex. And I am really looking forward to it! I think it should be a really good time! 

So tomorrow is another full and busy day, but I’m looking forward to it all! Well, maybe not the presentations, but it will be nice to have that out of the way! Then I’m just down to Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Ah! Fingers crossed the next couple days are rain free so I can enjoy them outside in this beautiful city!!

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